We record the accounting operations of the client's economic activity, which consists of the identification of each operation, act or activity and its characteristics, relating them to the supporting documentation by the taxpayer, in order to generate the total register of operations, acts or activities and ensure that they are properly settled, through the necessary internal control and verification systems, for a timely assessment of the financial situation.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements (Registration of Journal, Income and Expenditure Policies).
  • Design or update of the Financial and Accounting Information System, for decision making.
  • Definition or update of administrative processes, for the optimization of costs and expenses and operational efficiency.


  • Evaluation of the internal control of the company through established questionnaires, direct questions for each area and elaboration of descriptive memorandums for each area.
  • Preparation of audit for tax purposes through Excel systems.
  • Preparation of Opinion for tax purposes with audit figures according to the Opinion Presentation System (Sipred).


We advise you to obtain official documentation of different procedures with different dependencies.

  • Business Draft Procedures.
  • Trademark registrations.
  • Patent Registration
  • Treasury.
  • Healthiness.
  • Land use.
  • Civil protection.


In the Labor, Criminal, Civil, Administrative and Commercial area, with existing and future problems, attended with professionalism and security, always looking for a good result.

Complaints and lawsuits are made before the competent authorities, in order to protect the assets of natural and legal persons before:

  • Stole.
  • Accidents.
  • Frauds.
  • Confidence Abuses.
  • Assumptions Breach of Contract.
  • Etc.


We aim to support the employer in the correct and full compliance with the various obligations and contributions that tax laws impose, timely attending to all inquiries in the matter.

The advantages and alternatives that the tax provisions provide them in order to capitalize on their own benefit are analyzed, taking care to keep at all times a reasonable position that ensures security in their relationship with the tax authorities.

About us

B y A is made up of highly qualified professionals in each of the subjects, in order to guarantee a good service that meets the client's requirements and their accounting, tax, audit, cost and finance needs.

We are a team that works not only to solve problems, but to avoid them, with unique elements and according to each client and business.

We represent a benefit for your development and that of your company with the client's security that our work is carried out with commitment and the strictest ethics.


Provide information and resources for you to meet your goals. We do this by offering you a quality, truthful and timely service with adequate security elements and fees.


Being B and A an office of Business Consulting specialized in Accounting, Tax, Legal and Administrative matters, we seek to provide comprehensive solutions.

Consolidate as a firm recognized by our service, fulfilling the commitments acquired with our customers.


Provide personalized attention, provide advice based on trust and quality services with the sole objective of helping the client succeed.


We're a team

You will be assured that we will work with you and for you, in order to achieve your goals. It will have the work of a team that only seeks your satisfaction and that the money with which we receive will be an investment for your peace of mind and not an expense.

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You will have our greatest attention and availability to the information requirements of your account, doubts about processes, procedures or the status of your requests.


We secure your information by establishing security systems and procedures in order to have your confidence and the peace of mind that your information is secure.

Time and money

Save by consulting yourself, by clarifying your doubts, by having an office you get an investment and not an expense, since it solves you and avoids problems. You will have our support at all times having integral solutions.


You will have all the means and resources at our disposal both in equipment, software and personnel to meet your requirements and do an effective job of your contracted requests.

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